Barrie Music Festival

× Info! Entrants will need to create a Solarislive account. YouTube performance link is required at time of registration.

Welcome to the 2021 Barrie Music Festival. To provide a safe environment for our entrants we are hosting a Virtual Music Festival for 2021. 

In order to register, entrants will need to create a Solarislive account. In the 'Event Information' menu, I have added a link to a "How to Register" video tutorial. Please take some time to view this helpful video. Note: Firefox is the recommended browser.

When registering do not use a space between your postal code. (ie., M3J1K7)

Reminder: After registering for your account, check your email - you must verify your account within 5 days in order to have full account access.

In the 'Event Information' menu, I have included a link to "Frequently Asked Questions.I invite you to read through these FAQ's, and/or the an 'Account Help' link, prior to registering or if you have issues.

Note: In the case of a discrepancy between the "Complete Syllabus" and the Solarislive online "Syllabus", the Solarislive Syllabus shall prevail.

You are not required to submit musical scores of your pieces for the 2021 Barrie Virtual Music Festival unless you are performing an original composition.

Entrants will use YouTube to record their performances. Entrants will need to have their YouTube link when registering. I have placed a "Creating a Quality Video Recording  and Video Submission Requirements" document under the "Event Information" tab and also on , under the 'Festival Information' heading. Please take some time to read through this helpful document, before you record your performance.

Video File Format: When uploading a video to YouTube, you must save your video file using the following format:

FirstName_LastName_ClassCode_RepertoireTitle_Composer_AccuratePerformancetime_BMF2021 (Barb_Streisand_12MTCONTUP_MyFavouriteThings_RodgersHammerstein_3:00_BMF2021)

Results will be uploaded into your personal Solarislive account. Please save your Login information, especially your password.

Teachers will be able to sign up for a Teacher's Account. This is optional, but it does allow the teacher to view students' status on-line. In the 'Event Information' menu, I have added a link to a "Creating a Teacher's Account." This YouTube video tutorial will take you step-by-step through how to create a teacher's account within the SolarisLive site. (The beginning of this video is an overview- if you want to go directly to the “how to” steps navigate to 1:10 minute )

Entry and Video Submission Deadlines. Yes, performance video links are required at registration time.

Registration Opens - February 26, 2021

Registration Closes - March 17, 2021


Personal cheques are no longer being accepted. 

(Please ignore Solarislive site Headings 'Pay by Check/Cheque' - this is an automatic heading and BMFA is unable to modify this field to our requirements).

All entry fees will be paid electronically.  The prescribed fee must be paid online, through an e-transfer to 

Your e-transfer must include the participant's full name as well as the Reference number provided by Solarislive.

Note: Payment in full, by e-transfer, must be completed for registration to be considered. The Board must receive full payment within three [3] days of registering, or the entry form(s) will be voided.

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