Kelowna Kiwanis Festival
Kelowna Kiwanis Festival
Kelowna Kiwanis Festival

× Info! Disclaimer on rules and regulations: Please note the registration date of Jan.15th for dance has been changed to Jan.31st - All Strings deadline is April 3, 2022

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Covid is still with us and we are going "virtual" and "live"! 

Deadline for registration is Jan. 31, 2022 for all events.

Live Events:  

1. Dance Feb. 27-March 6 @RCA

2. Choral April 11-14, 16 @RCA 

3. Band April 25-29 @ Creekside Theatre

Virtual Events

Participants in virtual disciplines will be required to make a video of their performance, upload it to You Tube, and then submit their recording to the Solaris Live platform at by the appropriate dates. Participant must also upload the copy of pdf files of original/public domain music scores. Our adjudicators will view the performance and then submit their adjudication to the performers via email.

Submissions Deadlines:

1. Piano March 10

2. Classical Voice Sr, Int., and Jr. April 3

3. Musical Theatre Apr 03

4. Popular Voice Apr 03

5. Violin/Viola Apr 03

6. Cello/Bass Apr 03 (Note:  Date in syllabus is listed incorrectly as April 15th) 

7. Chamber Orchestra Apr 03

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            email: or call:  236.795.1057