Sudbury Music Festival
Sudbury Music Festival
Sudbury Music Festival

× Info! Formerly known as the Kiwanis Music Festival of Sudbury, we are pleased to announce that the Sudbury Music Festival will be moving ahead with a VIRTUAL FESTIVAL this year.
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× SYSTEM OFFLINE NOTICE! : This festival event site will be offline for maintenance between June 30, 12:00PM EST for 48-72 hours.

The Sudbury Music Festival Committee is pleased to present the 2022 SMF Syllabus
Please notify Louis Simão the festival coordinator if you have any difficulties with the registration process. 
Be sure to read the Festival General Rules carefully before registering.

2022 Festival Committee Members are:
Heather Parker, Diana Holloway, 
Dr. Charlene Biggs, Dr. Jamie Arrowsmith, Carolyn Otto, Ralph McIntosh, Vicki Gilhula
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Welcome to the Sudbury Music Festival! Please refer to the Rules & Regulations and Account Help to get started!

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