Custom Solutions

Passionate about your festival but tired of the administration and paperwork?
event manager

Custom online registration & management
systems designed exclusively for competition festivals.

Customized for music, dance, and the arts
If your festival needs a different system then our Solarislive Event Manager’ we can customize in part or all of the administration tasks you need to be automated. Even if you think it can’t be automated – chances are that we can provide a solution.

A customizable system will eliminate tedious tasks that are associated with managing a music or dance festival. Our cost-effective event management systems are built by professionals who have worked with competition festival’s coordinators, adjudicators, teachers and board members.

Designed to save time & money
Time-consuming tasks such as managing online registrations, adjudicators, venues and scheduling result in thousands of dollars and volunteer hours being misspent. Taking the next step with a custom online management system will allow you to spend your time and money more efficiently.

Customized online registration

Switching to an online system might seem like a daunting task. With our years of experience and excellent customer service we will make your transition to a custom system a comfortable one.

Festivals generally have specific needs to consider for their registrants. We can provide advice on best practices for managing the registration process. We understand that terms and conditions, permissions and policies all play a large role in successfully managing a registration system and we will provide you with all of the right tools to integrate those elements online.

Receiving payments
Payments can be handled in numerous ways including direct deposit to your organization’s bank account. Direct deposit is probably the most convenient method however, we can provide alternative options that are best suited to your operations. The choice is yours.

Experience and passion
We excel at what we do because, at Solarislive, we understand the needs of competitive music and dance festivals. Building programs to meet our customer's specific needs and continually refining and improving our systems based on their requirements is not just a skill, it is our passion. Our goal is to make this system an easy, fun and an enjoyable new addition to your business.

‘The Solarislive event Manager, an online registration & management
systems designed exclusively for competition festivals »