Support and Training

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Providing you with a series of options that will best suit you.

Support & Training
When implementing a new system there is always a learning curve. We are committed to helping you make a smooth transition by offering a variety of best practice recommendations throughout the set up process.

Choose a Package
Every custom package includes an initial training component that should get you through the set up process independently. Furthermore, ongoing support is always available. We can provide you with a series of options that will best suit your training and support requirements. 

If there is a function that your festival requires that is not available on the current system you can contact us and we will work with you to determine if we can develop and integrate that function in to the system for you.

Have you tried our festival management service?

A subscription based service is a cost effective way to automate your music festival. With the custom system you will receive free upgrades on a regular basis that will provide you with features to enhance your festival management efficiency.

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