Syllabus & Schedule

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Areas of your Festival that we can automate.

Syllabus - really online
A pdf does not mean you are online in today’s automated world. A pdf is a document uploaded to a website. A syllabus online means you can interact with the syllabus to search for classes and register directly from the syllabus like a shopping cart.

Online syllabus creation with a custom system will be the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective and environmentally friendly addition to your music festival’s repertoire. With today's environmental concerns you can avoid printing books by switching to an online syllabus. Another benefit to creating an online syllabus is that all of the publishing and mailing costs associated with distributing hard copies of your syllabus will disappear. It really is online!

Schedule - automated
Automate, automate, automate! The schedule is probably the most complicated and time consuming process of the festival, and depending on the size of your festival, automating this process with this system can save hundreds of hours. Don’t wait - automate!

Venues and Adjudicators

Set-up, track and manage the details of your venues and adjudicators. Create useful sessions that will assist in effectively organizing the final schedule of your festival.

A custom system can also customize any reports you require during the festival for teachers, adjudicators, accompanists and more. Registrant’s marks, wins and scholarships can all be recorded, maintained and managed in a database that will help ease the prep time for concerts, provincials and other events.

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