Tools and Functions

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Accept and Track Payments Safely
This system allows you to accept payment and keep a record of the payment process. Once you have accepted payment you will have options to view, track and complete refunds. Systems used by banks have several security measures in place to ensure the safety of credit card information and transactions.


Board & Staff Access
Accessing all of your festival’s operations online is incredibly easy. New or changing staff can quickly become skilled at using this web-based registration system. You can delegate tasks to specific staff members giving them the ability to work remotely from home or office - wherever they are.

Add Ons
Customize your package and only pay for what you need.
When you need more options but aren't ready for an upgrade to the next level, you can add one or more ADD ONs to your package at any time.

Wish List
Solarislive is constantly adding special features and ongoing upgrades. If there is a tool or function that you need and don’t see, let us know about it.

Quick and Easy Payment Solutions
The Solarislive Event Manager includes an easy to use system for paying registration fees and other items related to your festival. Your participants can choose to pay with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and other payment methods.

A Superior Security System! The highest standards and security measures.
Top of line data storage system to provide security and privacy to all our clients.

Security Measures

  • Constant development of web security software
  • Comprehensive examination of new & emerging threats and security updates
  • Security enforcement of the entire website configuration
  • Fully supported and protected, secure and scalable hosted systems
  • Supported systems for third party for audits
SSL Data Encryption
Solarislive uses 128-bit SSL systems to protect online connections between clients and our servers. On your web browser you will notice the lock icon in the address bar; this indicates the information is protected in transit.

User Authentication
Users access the Solarislive Event Manager only with a valid username and password transmitted securely encrypted via SSL.

Application Security
The Solarislive Event Manager application security is in effect for the entirety of a user’s session and reapplied at every new session.

Database Security
Database connection is controlled at the operating level for additional protection.


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