Transition to Automation

Convert your competition festival from a manual to an online process and save countless hours!
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Our Friendly support staff can help you make the switch
to the Solarislive Event Manager today!

Managing a Festival?
If you are involved with managing a music or dance festival competition you are very aware of the numerous administration hours required to manage the event properly. By using the automated online system Solarislive Event Manager provides you can significantly reduce hours spent on administration saving both time and money.

Helping you through the transition
Moving from a manual to an automated system can sometimes be intimidating but at SolarisLive we have many tools in place to help ease the transition. The Solarislive Event Manager has a user friendly support system that includes helpful tips, additional information and best practice suggestions to help coach you through the set up process.

Need Organization?
When managing an event, staff and volunteers often become overwhelmed with all of the details and paperwork involved. The Solarislive Event Manager will allow you to manage both your time and keep your records organized.

Does your festival need automation?
All festivals require many hours to be spent on repetitious registration and administration work.  The Solaris Event Manager system allows you to manage your time more effectively by removing the confusion and frustration involved in keeping track of thousands of documents manually and moves you in to an automated process.

Large or Small, this system is catered to you
The Solarislive Event Manager system has been created to manage competition festivals of any size. We offer a variety of affordable packages that will fit your specific needs. Whether your event has 50 or thousands of participants, this system will accommodate all of your event management needs. Learn more about customizing your online festival forms with our system »