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The Festival, organized in 1945 to instill in young people an enjoyment and appreciation of all the arts, while encouraging the study of music and dance and promoting high standards of performance, is operated as a civic non-profit organization. Our mission statement is: "To encourage, develop and improve the performance of young musicians and dancers through professional adjudication." Entrants in the Festival receive an individual written and oral evaluation of their performance by qualified teachers and concert artists. Those in competitive classes may receive medals or a chance to perform in evening concert.

We are excited to offer online registration to our festival entrants and teachers. The registration home page (a.k.a. preliminary bulletin) is accessible from our website.


When teachers create their own account they will receive an ID. They can supply this ID to their students who can then insert it into the registration form field. PLEASE NOTE: TEACHERS USE THE SAME ID NUMBER EACH YEAR. (check the new font- make sure you are giving your students the correct teacher ID by copy and pasting the provided text).

How it works: When a teacher supplies their ID to their students for the registration process, they will be able to view the classes the student registered for.

This allows the teacher to advise their student of any errors in either the class they registered for or errors in Selection or Composer. To create a teacher account-when you log back in AFTER responding to the verification email, click on Teacher: view students classes>manage/obtain teacher ID>
Once you have a teacher ID you will have a teacher account.


To register school testing conflicts (e.g. Advanced Placement Exams) choose School Testing Conflicts as an "Instrument" and follow instructions there.

We encourage teachers, parents and participants to become members of Musicfest Northwest.
As a 501(c)3 non profit organization we rely on the generosity of our members.
To become a member, click on syllabus and choose Membership/Teacher as an "instrument"
"Register" for whatever donation category you prefer.
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Welcome Back! Registration opens January 1, 2019

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