Affordable. Practical. Easy to Use.

It’s an easy transition. You can do it yourself and start using the tools in minutes.

Save hundreds of administration hours. Save thousands on publishing and mailing costs
No sign up fees, No long term contracts, No credit card needed to try it out the Free version.



For event registration including profile accounts. Accept registrations online.



Registration & Syllabus

Event management including online syllaubs of curriculum, subject and classes. Includes everything in easylive.



Registration, Syllabus & Schedule

Event scheduling tools to plan, manage and display venues, classes, sessions, auditions and more. Includes everything in essentialslive



What this includes

Although we provide a variety of best practices and helpful tools,
some people prefer help methods other than our Help Desk.

When you require extra support tools and options 'Supportlive' covers all the bases.



What this includes

These are additional reports to what is provided with the basic reports.


Pricing Details



What this includes

The number in the package is the number of events you can have at any given time.


Registration Entries

What this includes

The registration system allows students to both view the syllabus and register online.

Teachers will be able to create an account and view all their students registered to date.

The number in the package is the number of entires you can have per event.


Syllabus Classes

What this includes

Create your Syllabus online where you can easily go back and modify your instruments and classes.

The number in the package is the amount of classes you can add in each event.



What this includes

Participants and teachers will need to create an account view the syllabus, register online and view their accounts.

The number in the package is the number of accounts you can have in total.



What this includes

Scheduling allows you to create a schedule based on the criteria you enter for your classes, adjudicators and venues.

It is also flexible enough to modify classes.

This step will save numerous hours.


Payment Processing

What this includes

Registration fees can go directly into your bank.
Depending on the package you choose, registration payment can be accepted online and placed directly into your bank account.

Save even more hours by not documenting all the payments and travelling to the bank.


Festival Reports

What this includes

Basic reports are the essentials you need to run your festival, and come with the easylive package.

The basic reports include Registration List, Registration Accounts, Venue Day sheets and Registrants Adjudicator sheets, Conflict Report and Order Items.

Advanced reporting options are included in the upgrade packages and the 'Report Add On" feature



What this includes

The Help Desk is the basic support for easylive and essentials live.

Supportlive is included in all other packages.


Sponsor Ads

What this includes

This allows you to add sponsor ads on to the main web page particpicpants will go to enter the festival.

This is an excellent feature for provding value to the sponsor/donor by providing high traffic exposure.

Let your sponsors/donors know that your participants view this page several times duirng several stages of the festival competion.





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Help Desk

What this includes

The help desk is an extremely helpful tool to assist in handling festival registration questions.
Once this is setup you are your way to managing and tracking questions and answers from your participants.
This tool saves many hours over the traditional email system.