Bow Valley Music Festival
Bow Valley Music Festival
Bow Valley Music Festival


Who Qualifies
The Festival is open to permanent residents of the Bow Valley.
Dates and Deadlines
Registration closes  February 16 
Festival  March 21 to 23
Showcase concert March 24
Provincial registrations April 1
Provincial Festival  May 27 - June 1
Canada West Festival  July 25 - 27
Prizes and Awards
To be eligible for the Canada West Festival you must be recommended from the Provincial Festival.
Please visit the Alberta Music Festival website for details.


Sign up for an account - The registration process is like online shopping. Each party (teacher, parent, participant, adjudicator and volunteer) creates their own online account. 

You only need to create an account once; this can be used for future festivals. If you are a returning musician, you may register using the login you used last year.

We encourage you to create your account well in advance of the registration deadline.  

Late submissions will NOT be accepted..

Refunds are not available after the registrations are closed on February 16.

Payment must be made by credit card.

Rules and Regulations – The BVMF follows the Rules and Regulations of the AMFA.