Pickering Rotary Music Festival
Pickering Rotary Music Festival
Pickering Rotary Music Festival

This is the introductory welcome overview to event participants

Who Qualifies
  1. No age limit will be imposed except where indicated (see Rule 26). Age is as of December 31, 2023.
  2. All competitions shall be open to AMATEURS ONLY, unless otherwise stated. 
For a full list of eligibility requirements please refer to our rules an regulations documentation. 
Dates and Deadlines

Prizes and Awards
Each year we award participants with a wide variety of prizes based on their performances. These include but are not limited to

Certificates | Trophies | Plagues | Medallions  | Provincial Recommendations

Top winners are eligible for our play offs where the Top overall four festival winners are chosen. 


This year will be our 37th season of hosting the Pickering Rotary Music Festival and after two years of virtual hosting we are happy to announce the return to in person performances.
Registration for this 2022-2023 Season will be opened between December 1, 2023 until January 14, 2024. Qualifying entries to this year’s festival will also be eligible for one of several nominations to represent our Festival at the 2023 OMFA Provincials. 
Refer to some additional key dates below
Visit our Website and socials via Facebook for more details regarding the upcoming festival season.
If you have any questions related to further details about this coming season please feel free to direct them to our email address musicfestival@pickeringrotary.ca

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