Gravelbourg District Bilingual Music Festival

× Info! Registration & Payment due: March 5, 2021 - - - - Video upload due: April 5
× SYSTEM OFFLINE NOTICE! : This festival event site will be offline for maintenance sometime between Thursday , April 15 6:00AM MST and Sunday, April 18 11:59PM MST for approximately 30 minutes.

Welcome To The Gravelbourg & District Bilingual Music Festival! 

This year we are so please to announce GDBMF will be hosting a virtual festival!

Festival to be held:  April 21-24, 2021. 
Entry deadline:  Friday, March 5, 2021. ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED.
Video submission deadline:  Saturday April 5, 2021 using the folling link (click or copy & paste):

No doubt about it!! Festivals will look different than previous years. Our big change is we are going completely virtual! Participants will register online as usual, then will receive instruction on how to record and submit their performances for adjudication. Once entries have been adjudicated, performances will be made available for viewing on our Facebook page.

Only solo competitors and duets (limited to the same households) will be allowed to enter Saskatchewan Music Festival Association competitions.  

Please be sure to read the Rules & Regulations and Covid-19 regulations as they MUST and WILL be followed to allow a safe festival. 

Proudly promoting the only Bilingual Music Festival in Saskatchewan.

We always welcome volunteers.  Please contact any of the current board members.

President – Yvonne Sutherland 
Entry Secretary – Michelle Blohm
Corresponding Secretary – Kristine Goepen-Bourgeois
Treasurer – Jocelyne Lorrain

Yvonne Sutherland
Michelle Blohm
Kristine Goepen-Bourgeois
Leanne Mann
Jocelyne Lorrain
Lorna Bell
Allen Sutherland 
Mélanie Potié Gosselin

Solo – $12 | Duet – $14 | Choral – $14 | Ensemble – $14

Maximum individual ceiling rate – $60 
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