Kingston Kiwanis Music Festival
Kingston Kiwanis Music Festival
Kingston Kiwanis Music Festival

× Info! The Syllabus is open for viewing. Registration will open December 3, 2021

Covid is still with us and, like last year, we are going "virtual".  This means that performers make a video recording of their performance, upload it to YouTube, and enter the URL of the recording at the time of registration. Our adjudicators view the recordings in the week following the close of registration.  Their comments are emailed to each performer shortly after all recordings have been assessed. 

The revised syllabus for 2022 was posted on November 1st.  Registration opens on December 3rd, 2021 and closes on January 31st, 2022.  The Highlights Concert will be recorded on March 9th, 2022 similarly to last year.

The revised syllabus reflects changes made to follow current public health regulations.  We are not offering bands, choirs, large ensembles, sight reading or quick study. Duets, trios and quartets are allowed provided public health safety recommendations are followed during recording session(s).  Register for these classes via the “SMALL ENSEMBLES” or “FAMILY ENSEMBLES” portals when you click on the “SYLLABUS” page.


Click "Tips for making a good video” tab  and then click on the “Record on YouTube and Register" tab to learn how to: 


(a) make a video; 

(b) get a YouTube account;

(c) upload the video to YouTube; and 

(d) register for the Festival.  NOTE: If you have not registered before click on "Sign-up" (top right corner of the screen) and follow instructions.  There is a tutorial to help "Set up an account and register" under "Festival Information".

Having trouble with your account?  Click on the "Account Help" tab or,  for further assistance:   

            email:  or leave voice mail at:  613 319-1976


PO Box 35004, Kingston Centre, Kingston ON  K7L 5S5

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